Six ways to navigate others and deal with you

Your perspective and outlook can change your overall happiness in areas of your daily life that is happening now (senior stress, to name one). However, one of the biggest indicators on your overall perspective and happiness level is how well you deal with others. Close friends, long distance friends, boyfriends, parents, family, peers, everyone. Learning to understand, network and navigate well with others will help you understand other’s level of perception. People skills and understanding others and how they operate are just as important as understanding how YOU operate.


The first and last years of college are always the realest, and by realest I mean the truth is easier to spot, in some sense. In college it’s easier to follow your intuition freshman and senior year than it is sophomore and junior year. That’s because during the middle years it’s easier to get caught up in what your friends are doing instead of what you are doing. Freshman and senior year you see yourself apart from the crowd more clearly than you do during the in between years.

Freshman and senior year you are more willing to believe the truth, go with your gut instinct and stick to it instead of following the crowd of what your friends think or do.

It’s crucial to know senior year what your gut instincts are trying to tell you. Senior year is all about hard work, doing exactly what you want to do, not for anyone else but yourself.

Looking back, the only regrets you’ll have about college are when you weren’t following your gut instinct. So if you have some regrets from the past four years, learn from them now. Learn from your mistakes and how you can better handle yourself with others now to establish better friendships and relationships later on in your post grad future. But the key is to start now to pave the way for later.

knowledge observe listen

  1. Treat EVERYONE with the same level of respect. To put it simply, there is something to learn from every person in your daily life. Every person in every class you’re taking, every person in your group of friends you hang with, every professor, everyone. When you give everyone the same level of respect you give yourself, you open yourself up to learn any little life lesson they can provide you, and in doing that you’re spreading kindness. You are no better than anyone else, and no one is any better than you. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Be extra kind to those who are extra not kind. They need it the most, quite honestly. By being nice to those you may think do not deserve it, (and they probably don’t) do it anyway. You’ll walk away feeling better knowing you may actually have helped someone who just needed someone to care, listen and be kind to them.
  3. Lose the ‘tude. This one is especially difficult for those sassy, sarcastic folks, like myself. But if you drop the attitude during those times when you get frustrated with others, you can help better understand where they are coming from and their level of perception. You will then carry yourself in the best possible way without losing your patience. Which is hard to do if you have with a short fuse (myself included). Lose the attitude, and you’ll lose the frustration.

4. Open your ears & learn to listen to what others are trying to indirectly tell you. Whether you want to believe it or not, you get indirect messages from others. Throw in social media, and it becomes a nearly constant basis. Learn now to not only listen to what others are trying to tell you, but believe them and go from there. If they’re not worth your time, don’t give them any.

5. “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” I heard these words from a five-year-old after watching another little kid cry when he lost his chair in musical chairs. You cannot complain about the way something is happening or how someone is treating you if you’ve always accepted something you didn’t like to begin with. Play the game, win or lose and be okay with that. Move on from it and learn for the next game.

6. See souls, not bodies. REAL TALK this is important to realize now in establishing how to find the right individuals you want to keep in your life. See people for their caring nature, compassion, intelligence, the way they think or how their mind works instead of basing a friendship or any kind of relationship on their outward appearance. Don’t judge a book by its cover. In doing so you could miss a great story. Don’t focus so much on someone’s looks, focus instead on the way they care, think or make you feel. Keep a relationship because it makes you a happier, better person. Because they care, because they are passionate, because they live to see you smile. SOULS not bodies.


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