Why being a little misunderstood is actually your biggest strength

The term ‘misunderstood’ can be very skewed – some may think it means failing to comprehend values or ideas while others think it just means failing to see or perceive things in the same light others do.


A lot of the times, the person who is often ‘misunderstood’ simply knows who he or she is and doesn’t care how they are perceived. Not always fitting in with social norms, varying degrees in difference from others, getting that feeling that others characterize you as kooky, quirky, weird, eccentric, odd, or just different from the rest, those are all actually the greatest strength, even though it doesn’t always feel that way. Especially when it seems like everyone is constantly trying to be someone or act a certain way from clothing to mannerisms, attaining certain standards that society claims are the ‘norms’. Anyone who doesn’t follow that beat – skips a few, or just completely misses the beat altogether, those are considered misunderstood. Often called or labeled other names, they are really just misunderstood by the general consensus.

Whatever it is about you that sets you apart from the rest can occasionally make you feel like your differences are a problem or a weakness in some way when actually it makes you stand out.

“What sets you apart can feel like a burden, and it’s not. A lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” – Emma Stone

The truth is you will most likely feel a constant push and pull factor, trying to fit the mold and conform to society’s expectations of what is in and what is out while also trying to remain true to who you are. Of course, there will be times when people don’t fully understand what you are thinking nor should you be concerned with what others think of you. If you know who you are, don’t question what is generally perceived. This blog is written as a reminder that it’s okay to be that misunderstood person in the room, if it means you are holding true to what you think and feel.

Yes, you will see people struggling to relate to you, but you don’t always have to be relatable. People who often feel misunderstood aren’t trying to be relatable; they are trying to be real. Any emotion that is organic, instead of falsities that are often used to communicate with others. If others find something funny or relatable, that’s great. But those ‘misunderstood’ individuals strive to be honest, and at times painfully honest.

When people are labeled ‘misunderstood’ it is often a sign that they have no interest in pleasing others to attain some level of society’s norms. They do and say what they want because it’s what they believe. They are who they want to be because they believe in themselves enough to do so.


Here’s why being a little misunderstood has it’s benefits:

You don’t take anyone’s bulls**t

When others give you poor excuses in any case scenario, you often see right through them and can easily tell when someone is throwing blame on external things to pettifog the issue.

You connect with various types of people

Because you aren’t subjected to a particular group of individuals, and most likely weren’t labeled in high school, you made friends with various clicks in school. You relate with lots of different people, making you have a more open-minded approach to learning about many different individuals.

You easily ignore haters

In your eyes, those who don’t have anything nice to say about you or others don’t matter. Everyone is going to form an opinion about others, yet people who hold no sense of compassion for others have no space in your mind.

You defiantly aren’t afraid to be yourself at all times

You are aware that others may often crinkle their nose or raise their eyebrows at what you have to say, but you’re that way for a reason – you’ve come to accept being a little odd and embrace your quirkiness.

You actually care a lot about others, but won’t stand being used

You may feel disconnected from others at times, but that doesn’t mean you do not care about them. You do, while not always showing it, you have a lot of compassion for the people around you, but you draw the line at being spoken down to or being used. That’s where you have no problem completely cutting off ties.

You focus more on what’s really important to you

To put it bluntly, you focus on what is important to you and your misunderstood happy-self. Having a career you want to work towards every single day, making lasting relationships, finding real love, and being with people who matter to you because you are motivated to do so by your core values.

Lastly, you don’t need to explain yourself, you just need to be yourself and be okay with being a little odd to others.


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