Just breathe, what you can do (and not do) now to plan for post-grad life

Every aspect of senior year reminds us that in a few short months college really will come to an end.

Senior year sparks the hopeful yet solemn realization of what really matters to us, what never did, and what always will. Every assignment we did, every heartbreak we endured, every person we met, every memory we made will all be worth it when we put on our cap and gown, the day we officially leave the place we called home for the last four years.
The day we graduate, we’ll look around at the array of our peers we shared the last four years with. We will come to the understanding that no matter what happened between anyone or with anyone – we all share a common thread that brought us to this school. We all chose to commit to this school, in good and in bad, we were given what we needed, we made mistakes, we grew, and now we are moving towards our futures.
Senior year can bring all kinds of unwanted and unnecessary stress – however recognizing what is important to your overall happiness and the goals you’ve set for yourself or those dreams and aspirations you have for yourself are key to work towards.
To really make our senior year all that it should be, we need to focus on what is in front of us – here are a few do’s and dont’s to start doing NOW!
DO put your schoolwork first – it doesn’t matter what kind of student you are, if you make your classes top priority you will become a stress free student – something if you haven’t picked up already, you should be doing. If you get assignments, papers, and projects done when instead of procrastinating, you’ll stress less.
DON’T just rely on that dream/aspiration that keeps you going – instead also think about whatever it is (or whoever it is) that brings you happiness. Working towards your goals, dreams, and what you want to do with your life after you graduate are key to success in the long run. Recognizing what genuinely makes you happy is also just as important to reaching those ‘after-graduation goals’.
DO make a plan for what you want to do post-grad wise – doing your best on each assignment until graduation is great, but you need to start constructing a plan for how you’ll get to where you want to be. You may not have your dream job fresh out of college – and to put it bluntly, you shouldn’t. If you do, are you really challenging yourself to do absolutely what you want for the rest of your life? You don’t have to have everything figured out, but begin to think ahead, what you may be interested in doing – that’ll get you a footing of what you eventually want to do. Start planning NOW! Make plans now that’ll get your foot in the door of what you eventually want to do in your designated career field.

grad cap
DON’T waste time feeling unhappy – if there is something or someone who makes you feel any sense of unhappiness or hinders you from what’s important to your life right now, let go of it. Walk away from anything that no longer brings you happiness. School, grades and the idea that college life will be over soon is enough stress; you don’t need anything else bringing unneeded drama into your life.
DO be bold enough to speak your mind- reach out to those you want keep  in your life – people who genuinely care about you. iIn some sense, senior year can sometimes move people to acknowledge someone they either was always there for them and took for granted or they were too scared to do in the past. If you miss someone and want them in your life simply because you care, let them know how you feel – and do it without fear. Now is the time to speak up and make things happen for yourself.
DON’T engage in negative talk – avoid gossiping or saying anything hurtful to yourself and others. Notice those insignificant things that used to annoy you, no longer affect you once you stop discussing things or people.
DO speak to an advisor if you need to – if you want career advice or just need guidance on how to get your foot in the door post-grad wise – speak to an advisor! Professors and advisors are there to help you – they’re people too, it’s their job to help you out. Know what you need to talk about, where you want to go, and sit down and they will help. It’s up to you to go ask for help.

Finally, remember to just breathe – if something isn’t going well for you right now, understand that it is temporary, but the plans and steps you can take now will guarantee your overall goals for your dreams. Dreams aren’t meant for sleep, they’re meant for you to wake up and feel determined to act on them.

Before we know it, we will stand up, throw our caps in the air, hug each other, cry, then look around and realize what we learned from the past four years. What we wanted, how we’ll get there, and what we’ve always known in ourselves.



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