Waddell Walks: Faculty Senate passes amendment

By: Kira Zimney | Social Media Editor | @kmzimney Jan 22, 2015


Senior Harrison Waddell came into the spring not knowing if he would be able to participate in graduation. Waddell will be three credits short of Longwood University’s 120 credit hour requirement by the May 9, 2015 graduation date. But after the Longwood University Faculty Senate came to a vote, they passed the amendment allowing Waddell to walk.

“I feel very relieved and just,” said Waddell. “It is hard to describe how I feel currently, because I have worked for this for so long. Not only is it a victory for me, but for students in my situation for years to come.”

He continued, “I was very happy that they approved it after 45 minutes of discussion, at one point I was concerned that the policy would not pass due to the amount of discussion. I just want to thank the faculty senate for their efforts in regards to the graduation policy change.”

The amendment grants students who are one course and/or seven credits away from completion of the required hours, the ability to walk in the spring as long as they plan to finish up courses in the following summer, and/or fall.

The Faculty Senate moved to amend the current policy, which states that students who are in good academic standing, and have completed all requirements, shall be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.

The senate moved to amend the policy to add seven credits or fever of one course shy upon graduation, the ability to walk at commencement. It was noted that in some cases there are students eight credits shy, which brought along discussion of the fact that students need 12 credit hours each semester in order to be considered full time. Faculty senate member, Dr. Jacqueline Hall, Associate Professor of Mathematics, made a point of clarification, “These are two different questions,” she said.

Senate then motioned to allow December graduates the ability to walk in their scheduled May commencement, rather than the May after, due to the shortage of credits needed in order to graduate on time. Dr. David Lehr, chair of Faculty Senate, called to question the amendment. Which stated that students would be allowed to walk, “Even though they haven’t completed requirements,” said Lehr.

Graduate student Leighan Worden spoke on behalf of the student section, stating many students who are running into the same problems upon graduation feel as though they are, “Missing memories.”

Dr. Tim Pierson, vice president of student affairs, said 2000 was the last year Longwood awarded actual diplomas during commencement ceremonies.

Jennifer Green, associate vice president of enrollment management and student success, estimated that ten to twenty students come forward to talk about this rule each year, but it directly affects countless more.

Lehr said, “Generally there is some flexibility allowing students to walk shy of their required credit hours,” referring to other colleges and universities policies.

It was noted that students would have to go to the department chair and registrar to make the approval of one course or the seven credit hour flexibility.

The motion was called to a vote on the additional one course change, reinstating students would be offered the ability to walk during commencement, seven credits and or one course shy upon graduation.

Student Constance Garner offered the student’s perspective, including she spoke with Dr. Pierson on the subject, while doing research from additional Virginia state institutions which have similar policies allowing students to walk credits shy of the required hours. “Going off the information on the website, students are allowed to walk if they can finish requirements within the summer following,” said Garner.

Dr. Lehr then called to close, calling a vote in which the motion passed, adding the amendment, allowing students one course and/or seven credits shy of requirements to walk during commencement. Waddell was thankful for his opportunity to walk with his fellow seniors and friends. “I just have a huge amount of gratitude towards Longwood University for what they have done for me over my four years here.

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BSA addresses concerns over recent hate crime incidents in Curry

Kira Zimney | Social Media Editor | @kmzimney Apr 1, 2015

The Student Government Association’s weekly meeting began with allocations, first passing motion of re-allocations to Resident and Commuter Life conference funding of $812.74.

SGA money allocations passed $300 in funding for snacks to be provided during finals week at Greenwood library event, Fort Finals.

The presentation of the ROW award was given to Leighan Worden this week.

Virginia 21 representative, spoke to discuss their organization’s work that encourages young people to discusses issues, college affordability, jobs after graduation, registering to vote and leadership institution policy training. The nonpartisan organization works on addressing college campus issues.

The Black Student Association (BSA), addressed concerns in regards to the hate crime incidents that occurred in Curry residence hall over the spring break period.

Delonte Harrison, BSA President, addressed the hate crime, and felt campus has not addressed that incident, stating that SGA should address issues in a statement.

Jonathan Page, Director for Citizen Leadership and Social Justice Education, spoke with SGA on behalf of what was done once the incident was reported.

Page stated a parent had seen racial slurs posted on a bulletin board of the sixth floor of Curry hall. The council immediately went to the location, in which the statements were removed beforehand; however, students who witnessed seeing the racial slurs on the bulletin, then filled out biased incident reports.

The statement of the incident reports, were then issued to the campus community, that the incidents of these hate crimes are “not what we believe,” of the Longwood community.

Page discussed that following the incident reports, training of the entire RA Curry staff, was implemented.

Page also discussed the issue that the slurs were posted for a period of days, before a report was made.

President Joseph Gills stated, SGA “defiantly needs to address the issue,” and that this is the first time the issue was brought to the senate board meeting. Gills spoke on behalf of the Diversity and Inclusion committee of SGA, that “has been working hard to promote bias incident forms,” reminding students that committee’s are open to all Longwood students, not just senate members. Gills also reminded students that SGA’s open forum is for all of Longwood students to come and address concerns to the Senate board, in order to discuss and focus on how to actively address a campus issue.

Senator India White addressed how little her Diversity and Inclusion staff in SGA is, and more support for the committee within SGA, would be needed, in order to move forward in campaign to address concerns.

Senator Constance Garner considered: SGA needs to discuss, and actively do something, on the concerns of these recent events.

Senator Chyanne Trowell, stated in order to do so, keeping the momentum of the recent incidents, and including other committee’s and organizations on campus, to bring awareness to the incidents.

Dr. Tim Pierson said, contact was made to the President’s office, Josh Blakely, Director of Residence Life and Jonathan Page, after the incident was reported.

Page also stated that, currently training of the staff involved is taking place, conducted by Josh Blakely, and that RA training is open to campus, that continues regularly; however, staff training took place immediately following the incident reports in Curry.

Dr. Pierson discussed the protocol, and level of responses following an incident report, and stated, “We have an Honor Code that includes everybody.”

Senator Trowell advised students to make sure to follow up with the report.

Senator Constance Garner stated, “today is a big stepping point for us,” and offered that, SGA combine with BSA to include New Lancer Days of Diversity and Inclusion.

President Gills addressed that SGA will meet with BSA to continue talks of a plan of action, and will need to continue discussion.

April 8 in Wygal at 7pm will hold a Police Brutality Open Forum event on profiling, with campus police. They will focus on students building communities, specifically Longwood students, to build healthy communication with both on campus and community police.

President Gills made closing statements that next SGA’s meeting April 7, will speak with Title IX faculty, Jennifer Fraley, Longwood’s Title IX Coordinator, Director of Student Conduct and Integrity, will come as representative in discussion.

Senator Hannah Fielder spoke during announcements that Teacher Prep has moved the GPA requirement up from 2.5 to 3.0, as students will be held off from participation until requirements are met.

The bike rack in memory of Riley Cole is outside Wheeler.

Link to full story online – BSA Addresses concerns over hate crime incidents

Powhatan Resident Arrested on Class 1-Misdemeanor


In the early morning hours on Monday, Sept. 1 Powhatan resident, Chester Holtyn III was arrested for committing an obscene act in public. The Farmville police department responded to the 200 block of High Street where Holtyn approached a Longwood student behind the Hotel Weyanoke around 2 a.m. and offered her $100 to watch him dance. Holtyn then dropped his pants and committed a sexual display. Holtyn was charged under code section 18.2-387.1, according to Virginia state law, General District Court Case Information. This states that any obscene sexual display in a public area where others are present, is classified as a class 1-misdemeanor. The Farmville Police Department provided a press release authorized Sept. 12, detailing the event. If convicted, Holtyn faces possible confinement in jail for no more than twelve months, a fine of $2,500 or both.

According to the press release, the student was approached in the bar parking lot on High Street. Speaking to The Rotunda on anonymity, the student mentioned that the incident occurred in the back parking lot of Hotel Weyanoke. She got out of her car and made her way to the commuter lot. Walking alone behind Bar 202, she noticed she had forgotten her access key, and began speaking to a man she assumed worked at the Bar 202, whom she later identified as Holtyn.

The student admitted that she made poor choices of engaging in conversation with the man. When she saw him approach closer, outside his car, speaking to him under the impression he was a Bar 202 employee, she recalls he asked her if she knew of any place he can “blow some money.” The student notes he offered her money to watch him dance, she agreed stating, “I thought he meant dance, a wiggle or a jig.” Conversation carried on “until the next thing I knew, his pants were on the ground as he was leaning against his open driver [side] door,” said the student. Holtyn began to touch himself, when the student immediately asked him to stop. Holtyn apologized, placed a twenty-dollar bill on the car next to his truck and drove off.

The Longwood student was then able to enter the building after a friend let her in, where she then directly reported the incident to the Farmville police, whom quickly located the man.

Holtyn will return to Farmville for a court hearing in Prince Edward County General District Court set for Sept. 16, 2014.

Police advise all students to take practical measures of safety.

“Students need to be careful, never go up to a stranger, it can very easily turn into an incident,” stated Chief of Farmville Police Department Doug Mooney.

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